We know many are struggling to pass in JNTU Exams . Here we would like to mention few tips for Exams to get passed

1. Preparing Previous papers. , that means not all Questions in those previous papers.  Select the more weightage Chapters(units) in that previous papers.choose the units that the Questions are Coming Direct For 16 Marks.
By this you will get marks for just attempting one 16 marks Question , instead of attending 2 x 8 M Questions . Here the benefit is you can save Lot of Time.
Disadvantage: If you don’t Write That Question with more matter , you may get less marks  out of 16

2. Preparing  5 Units is a must. Then only we can get atleast 4 Questions in paper what we know.

3. Don’t Make mistakes in the first Question which you attempt on your papers. That makes a bad impression while correcting papers. As all knows first impression is the best

4. Attempt the  Question first  which you can write good that other questions. No need to write in order.

5. Check twice Question Numbers you mentioned to the answer what you wrote, before you return your papers

6. Draw more Diagrams Related to the Question
Hope , This will help you. 

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